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Why MapleStory is a Game That Everyone Should Download and Try

Over the past couple of years, the free online game business has been increasing with the help of micro-transactions. One of the games to start this trend is the popular MMO, or massively-multiplayer online, game known as MapleStory. MapleStory has made its way across the globe in many homes. You have most likely seen television or internet advertisement spots for this game as they are appearing all over. This game has achieved commercial success and is one of the pioneers in free online video games.

MapleStory is a free MMO video game developed in Korea by the game studio known as Wizet. Many people have downloaded the game and loved the game due to its UFABETคาสิโนแทงบอลดีสุด addicting-style gameplay. Unlike most RPG games which are 3D and free-roaming, MapleStory is strictly in 2D and is a side-scrolling game. However, do not let the style of it fool you, the game still feels large and open, letting you travel to different areas. In addition, the graphics of the game are colorful and fits well into the style of the game.

The combat system of MapleStory is also a lot of fun. The combat system is not a lock on and wait style of play like most games are. Instead, the game plays more like a hack-n-slash where you run up to the creatures and press buttons on your keyboard to do various combos to take out the enemy. Although the combat is a lot of fun, the rate at which you level up makes the game feel repetitive and slow.

The major flaw of this game is its quest system and the rate at which you level up. The game does feature party-quests which are a lot of fun, but the regular quests are boring as it is always just collecting items from monsters. In addition, you level up very slowly, so you are stuck fighting in the same general area for a long time.

However, despite these flaws, MapleStory something that is worth trying. It has a large backing community, and a unique style of play, making it a MMO game that everyone should try out.